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Roller kilns EFR

The advantages of roller kilns compared with tunnel kilns are the significant energy savings, the facilitate automation of the loading / unloading and the greater flexibility to change the firing curves. All kilns are manufactured with highly insulating materials to minimize power consumption; also the roller kilns series can be equipped with heat recovery system to preheat the combustion air in order to obtain an energy saving of 5 / 7% with temperatures up to 100 °C and 10% with temperatures around 170 °C.

Generally, the combustion air is preheated in the cooling zone, but in case where, for customers reasons, the cooling air (clean air) is used to fuel dryers or other heat engines in the factory, Eurofiring proposes the installation of a kiln heat exchanger at the kiln inlet.
In this way the heat is recovered from polluted air coming out of the main chimney allowing the clean air to be preheated for kiln combustion and / or to heat the working environment.

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